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Innovative Solutions

The problem: A client would love to have a garden this summer for fresh veggies but she does not have a spot that receives enough sunlight. No matter where she would place the garden, she could only get about 6 hours of direct sun.

The solution: What she needed was a "movable" garden so that her plants could follow the sun. Jason devised an ingenius plan that would allow her to easily slide her gardens along these PVC "rails". The long handles on the barrels make for nearly effortless gliding. The plan increased her direct sun from 6 hours to 10 hours... providing plenty of light for those hearty home-grown vegetables.​

Natural Hardscapes

When designing hardscape features, Jason uses natural elements found throughout the Door County Peninsula. Hardscape materials are quarried by hand directly from the Niagara Escarpment. Jason personally selects the stone so that they are visually pleasing and functional. 

Each pathway and patio is designed for the needs and scale of the project. Jason partners with several Door County professionals in order to offer a full range of project capabilities. 

Whether it is a outdoor kitchen or a entry walk, attention to detail and aesthetics is Jason's specialty. 

 Water Features

Jason developed this water feature based on an unique artistic piece that a client saw at an art gallery. The original art piece sold for well over $5,000.00. Jason was able to recreate this piece for her garden to fit within her budget adding sound and movement to the simplicity and beauty of her landscape. 

Click on the video to watch a 30 second video of this water feature. (Please note that this video was taken upon installation when the dust and sediment were still settling. The water now runs beautifully clear.)

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